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Buy 4 all women's clothing items, only pay for 3 of those items.  In multiples of 4 can be used more than once (i.e. 8 items, only pay for 6). Lowest priced item in multiples of 4 are free.  In store and online. 


10% OFF all women's clothing.  All new and sale items.  Online only.


50% OFF Club Socks.  Minimum order of 30 Club Socks Great for tournaments, gifts or to purchase for resale.   


Retail Store

Buy 4, Pay for 3

Our forever sale.  Womens apparel is always buy 4, pay for 3.  All tops and bottoms in our store are discounted in multiples of 4.  The lowest priced item in a multiple of 4 is free.  If you purchase 5 items, the 4 highest priced items count towards a multiple of 4, and the 5th item would be discounted at 10%.  If you purchase 8 items, you will get 2 pieces for free.  This applies to in-store purchases only.