Golf Shoes

Club Shop Peanuts and Golf carries a variety of golf shoes for both men and women.  We only offer our shoe selection in the store because most of our customers prefer to get fitted in person to find the right fit.  


When you buy a pair of Ecco’s you are buying value.  Ecco shoes will outlast other shoes out there because the company maintains rigorous design standards and uses high-quality leathers.  The bottoms of the shoe are molded on, which means the soles have less chance of separating.  This also allows the shoe to stretch more.  

Around 50% of tour players that are not endorsed by another shoe company wear Ecco shoes. Ecco has state of the art ‘BIOM’ technology which is tailed to fit on your foot. This is essential on the golf course, especially in the mountains with the varied terrains you may encounter.

Ecco has also come out with spikeless ‘street type’ shoes that can be worn on and off the course. Gone are the days of changing out shoes when you need to run to the store or a restaurant after a round.

New Balance:

New Balance is a newer company to the golf industry but has come out with some fresh designs.  True to the company, the shoes have a tennis shoe like designs with an emphasis on comfort.  

Golfers with wider feet will appreciate the selection of wide foot sizes that New Balance provides.  Other features are great walkability and grip to help you play your best game.


We also carry a variety of closeout shoes for the budget minded shopper.  

Kids Shoes:

We carry a small selection of kids shoes.  The availability depends on our season.