Peanuts and Golf was introduced to Icikuls in the fall of 2014. We knew we had a dynamite product the very moment we laid eyes on these shirts.  The quality of the shirt and the patterns were so spectacular and feminine.  Since then, Icikuls has expanded their variety of patterns to fit the needs of those who want stylish sportswear while protecting themselves from the sun.  


With Icikuls tops, we love the ease to which the color selections pair well with other bottoms, making it effortless to match these fashionable shirts with skorts and pants already in your closet. Whether you like the preppy feel of the hanna’s garden floral pattern, the equestrian look of the bit and bridal patterns, or the minimalism of the bamboo prints, there is print to fit anyone’s style. 


Additionally, the sun protective fabric is a key component to Icikuls shirts.  Every Icikuls shirt has UPF 50 sun protection built into the fabric.  With the prevalence of skin cancer for those who are outside, whether golfing, playing tennis or other fitness activities, sun protection is very important for blocking ultraviolent sun rays that cause skin cancer. 


Another added benefit of Icikuls, beyond sun protection, is the comfort of keeping your body temperature cooler.  Icikuls shirts have been designed to keep you cooler with Icifil technology.  This converts perspiration into cool energy even on very hot days.  


Icikuls also features supple ventilation meshing under the arm to provide air circulation, and moisture wicking flat weave anti-microbial fabric.  It is unique to the Icikuls prints that the shirt pattern continues onto the meshing. 


When wearing the shirt, we like that the hemline is slightly rounded and looks great worn untucked.  This adds a special flare, which gives your outfit more composition and visual interest.

While Icikuls are ideal for athletic activities, at Peanuts we believe Icikuls can be worn everyday for a fun sporty look. Showcase your style and feel well put together in the ever-chic Icikuls shirt, with the assurance of knowing that you are taking an active role to prevent sun damage.


At Peanuts, our experience leads us to advise clients to consider choosing a size higher than normal, as Icikuls tend to run slightly smaller. 

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