One of my favorites tunes has always been, Frank Sinatra's song, Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away. In the song, the image of jet setting to warmer climates and pure enjoyment is musically performed and translates into a feeling of good times. The same image is evoked when dreaming about the character who owned this rare and unique set of golf clubs designed to fit under the seat of a small Cessna Airplane.


This custom golf set is tailored to reduce weight and conform to the limited space on a Cessna aircraft. At the time, this flat compact leather case fit underneath the pilot seat of the plane.  Made for ease and convenience, one shaft fits each club head. And to top that, the cleverly crafted construction of the club’s shaft has counter torque which means the club won’t loosen as it’s swung.


One can imagine this pilot flying to far off places just to play or perhaps he just doesn't want to get caught in a situation where he doesn't have his clubs. The wear and tear on the specialty set indicate a gusto for golf and that many rounds were played by this golfing pilot.


Many years ago, Wesley Crum, the owner of Club Shop Peanuts and Golf took this one of a kind novelty in as a trade for credit in the store; as he often does. Many folks have asked to buy it, but it’s not for sale. Maybe one day it will be in a museum, a relic of the past. And just maybe the song, Come Fly with Me will come to mind when people see it.

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