Club Sock Limited Warranty

Limited-Lifetime Warranty

For customers and wholesale vendors that buy from our website or retail store directly, we offer a limited-lifetime warranty on the product.  This warranty is good for as long as you own the product and as long as we are selling the product (per the terms below).  If we discontinue a certain style or color, this warranty is good for a Club Sock of another color.  
Club Sock Headcovers are made of durable acrylic fabric.  Acrylic fabric has long been used in the athletic and sportswear industry as for garments, socks and other types of sportswear products.  However, some golfers spend more time on the course than others and may wear out the life of their Club Socks.  Although we find it rare, like traditional socks that you wear on your feet there is always a potential for wear & tear over time.
We reserve the right to change or alter our limited lifetime warranty at any time. 
First Year of Ownership -
This warranty protects your purchase against wear & tear within the first year of your owning the product.  If you experience any issues, simply send us a picture of the product referencing the problem via email to  Once we verify the problem and/or defect, we will send you replacement headcovers at no charge, all you pay is the shipping expense.  
Lifetime of the Headcover - 
If your headcover were to develop wear and tear outside of the first year of ownership, please send us a picture of the product referencing the problem via email to  Once we verify, you can receive a coupon code to purchase replacement headcovers at half the cost. 
If you have any questions regarding the limited-lifetime warranty we provide on our headcovers, please contact us as we would love to hear from you.