We get a lot of children and grandchildren in our store, and it is great to see the next generation of golfers getting started.  We recommend only a few basic tips to picking out children’s clubs and introducing them to the sport: 


  1. Keep them reaching!

We recommend golf clubs that are a little bit longer than what the child needs at that very moment. We have two reasons for this. First, a club that is a little bit too long will encourage the child to take a big swing.  Secondly, the child will be able to keep the clubs for a longer duration of time, as kids do grow fast.  Most kids golf clubs either come in age or size ranges by height. Choose one age range higher and choke up on the club if it’s too long when they first start.


  1. Use high lofted clubs

The best way for a young child to have a positive reaction to hitting a golf ball is if it goes high up in the air. Wesley likes to say, “when they start, it’s not how far they hit it, it’s how high.” We say this because it fascinates kids to see the ball fly. To achieve this, we recommend starting your kids out by practicing with a driver or a high lofted wood like a five or seven.


  1. Teach golf safety

This is a crucial element about golf that must be fostered at a young age. Golf clubs can be dangerous, so teach your kids to make sure that no one is behind them before they swing the club back.


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