When people ask us about golf shoes, we recommend Ecco because of the incredible value they offer over time. Ecco shoes will outlast other shoes out there because the company maintains rigorous design standards and uses high-quality leathers. The bottoms of the shoe are molded on, which means the soles have less chance of separating. This also allows the shoe to stretch more.

Quality is a staple of the Ecco brand and it is rare, if ever, that we have had someone come back with an issue. Even if they did, the company stands by the product and will warranty the product for you and help you find a replacement.


For Golf

Around 50% of tour players that are not endorsed by another shoe company wear Ecco shoes. Ecco has state of the art ‘BIOM’ technology which is tailed to fit on your foot. This is essential on the golf course, especially in the mountains with the varied terrains you may encounter.

Ecco has also come out with spikeless ‘street type’ shoes that can be worn on and off the course. Gone are the days of changing out shoes when you need to run to the store or a restaurant after a round.


The Fit

The company describes their fit as like a glove and the idea is that an Ecco shoe should not have to be broken in. For many of us with foot problems, the comfort and support from Ecco are unparalleled.

Ecco shoes are best fitted using the European style sizes numbers, and we have found that the shoes fit a little larger than the actual American size specifies.


The Leather

Many Ecco shoes we carry feature premium Yak leather. Ecco sources much of their own leather themselves. They do this for quality control and because they have a passion for the products and designs they produce. We find that Ecco shoes and the leather they use to stand the test of time.


Ecco & Club Shop Peanuts and Golf

We have carried Ecco for around 12 years and were one of their first golf accounts in North Carolina. Ecco shoes are our biggest selling brand of golf shoe and for the reasons above, we recommend strong consideration of the value Ecco provides when searching for your next golf shoe.

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